HIV Research Catalyst Forum Webcasts

Prevention Symposium I:

Confronting the Social Drivers of HIV Incidence in the United States

  • Moderator: Lisa Diane White, SisterLove
  • Current Epidemiology of HIV Transmission: David Munar, AIDS Foundation of Chicago -- Webcast
  • Overview on Structural Interventions: Jen Hecht, Stop AIDS Project -- Webcast
  • Case Study: Incarceration & HIV: Laura McTighe, Institute for Community Justice -- Webcast
  • Case Study: Housing & HIV: David Holtgrave, Johns Hopkins University -- Webcast

Treatment Symposium I:

Overview of HIV Treatment Research

  • Moderator: Cathy Olufs, Center for Health Justice
  • Beyond HAART: David Evans, AIDSMeds, AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC) -- Webcast
  • Getting Past Go With Immune-Based Therapies: Matt Sharp, Project Inform -- Webcast
  • Metabolic Issues: Nelson Vergel, Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR) -- Webcast

Prevention Symposium II:

Overview of Biomedical Interventions for HIV Prevention

  • Moderator: Shalini Eddens, Women Organized to Respond To Life Threatening Diseases (WORLD)
  • Introduction to Biomedical Interventions: Monica Ruiz, Forum for Collaborative HIV Research -- Webcast
  • ARV-based Prevention: Anna Forbes, Independent Consultant -- Webcast
  • Treatment-as-Prevention, Test and Treat: A. Toni Young, Community Education Group -- Webcast
  • Vaccines: Cindra Feuer, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) -- Webcast

Treatment Symposium II:

HIV and Aging

  • Moderator: Phill Wilson, Black AIDS Institute (BAI)
  • Epidemiology of HIV & Aging: David Evans, AIDSMeds, AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC) -- Webcast
  • T-cell Senescence and Inflammation: Richard Jefferys, Treatment Action Group (TAG-- Webcast
  • Comorbidities: Brian Risley, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA-- Webcast